Tell Me a Story

I have always craved stories.

Since I learned to read, I could get lost in a book for hours at a time.

Vietnam Oct. 2009 023

A few things I love about stories:
In a story you can identify with a character discovering you are not alone. You can time travel through history, as well as experience the tastes, smells, and sights of a far away place. You can find a place to belong inside a story, and you can become someone new through the wisdom of words. Stories can evoke your raw human emotion because deep down we are all the same, the same fear, the same desire, the same evil, and the same love.

For all the reasons to love stories, I believe that the ultimate reason is that all stories contain some truth, some reality. Stories mirror the condition of our world, our souls, and grace. Stories are snapshots of pain and suffering, and also redemption and perfection. Stories contain the Hell and Heaven that is on earth and show us a peek at the reality of both beyond here.

This is the reason for my blog- to tell my stories (no matter how insignificant)- what I remember, what I have learned, who I have known, the real stories of my experience that I hope you can relate to, living in the time that just keeps marching on for all of us.

Life is one big long book and one big grand story, and I want to embrace that.


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